CELSIUS® Fitness Drink announces partnership with Malaysia Triathlon

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20 Jan 2020] – Celsius Asia Holdings Limited, manufacturer of leading global fitness drinks CELSIUS®, announces partnership with Persatuan Triathlon Malaysia (Baru), also known as Malaysia Triathlon. This strategic move fulfills a major marketing initiative for CELSIUS®, whose slogan and targeted demographics’ goal is to #LiveFit. CELSIUS® is pioneering a new segment of “fitness drinks”, a designation representing the brand’s functional attributes where CELSIUS® drinks contain a proprietary blend of Green Tea Extracts, Guarana Seeds, Taurine and Ginger Extracts to provide healthy energy when combined with exercise.

These unique qualities will make this partnership a success, and achieve CELSIUS® goal of increasing brand awareness by tapping into a growing fan base with Triathlon events in Malaysia. CELSIUS® brings about positive effects to the body (improving physical performance) and the mind (enhancing concentration and alertness). Our products are here to make every workout more efficient, and to be a partner for people pursuing an active lifestyle to #LiveFit and #LiveHealthy, all while having fun.

Triathlon has gained interest at all levels of the multiracial community in Malaysia, and is primarily participated by young, working adults with an active lifestyle. Undoubtedly, triathlon is a serious sport that requires perseverance, dedication and discipline. A systematic and thorough training regime is a must for every triathlon participant. This is where CELSIUS® comes in to provide our proven fitness drinks to athletes for their triathlon training regimes.

CELSIUS® has no artificial preservatives, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup and is very low in sodium. We use good-for-you ingredients and supplements such as green tea (EGCG), guarana seeds, ginger, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Malaysia Triathlon will have the choice of sampling CELSIUS® in two flavors: Sparkling Orange (carbonated) and Peach Mango Green Tea (non-carbonated) – both of which are sugar-free.

Visit the CELSIUS® brand website to know more about the product.

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