Malaysia Triathlon COVID19 Guildelines and Standard Operating Procedures for Event Organisers

In the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and deriving Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for various sectors in the country, the National Security Council (NSC) has categorized Triathlon as an individual sport (non-contact) in the sector of sports and recreation.

In line with this and with the Ministry of Sports gradual opening of sports and sporting events (currently in Phase 3 and 4), Malaysia Triathlon has developed a Standard Operating Procedures to highlight the guidelines outlining the health and safety measures to be taken by those involved in Triathlon in adapting to the new normal to curb the spread of COVID-19 in particular for Event Organisers (EO) who plan to organise Triathlon races during this period. This document was approved by the National Sports Council on12 August 2020.

The Sports Commissioner’s Office has also allowed the organization of Triathlon sports events at local level provided all the requirements set by the National Sports Council has been met in addition to complying with the COVID-19 conditions set by the National Security Council (NSC), the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the relevant Government bodies. However, at present  international sporting events will not be given approval in view of current closure of Malaysian borders which does not permit foreigners to enter Malaysia at this time.

Accordingly, EO who wish to organise Triathlon races MUST refer to the MT SOP Covid-19 to ensure compliance the requisite guidelines and procedures prior to submission for approval with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Please see below the related documents that are required to be reviewed alongside the MT COVID19 SOP for Event Organisers document.

Click here to view the World Triathlon COVID19 Guidelines for Event Organisers (version 4 – October 2020) (Annexure 1 of MT COVID19 SOP for Event Organisers).

Click here for Sanction Application Document Submission Checklist for Event Organisers. (updated 25th September 2020)

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