Malaysia Triathlon Sanctioning Policy (MTSP)

As a sanctioning body, Malaysia Triatlon’s role is to provide the technical advice based on established Malaysia Triathlon and relevant World Triathlon (“TRI”) standards and required information for Event Organisers to host a high-quality event, as well to monitor all necessary aspects in providing a fair and safe race for participants, right until the lastContinue reading “Malaysia Triathlon Sanctioning Policy (MTSP)”


Elite Triathletes from all over Asia will convene in Malaysia this November for an epic sprint to the finish line. Join us at Silverlakes Village Outlet, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia for one of the most exciting triathlon races this year. Organised by #PerakTriathlonAssociation & #Stagemaker, the 2022 Asia Triathlon Cup Ipoh & The National AgeContinue reading “2022 ASIA TRIATHLON CUP IPOH | 18-20 NOVEMBER 2022”

How should I prepare for my first triathlon swim in the open water?

By Coach Shauqie Aziz, MySwim Coaching If you are reading this article, chances are you have recently learned to swim. Let me guide you through the process of gaining confidence from the pool to open water, with some key safety skills which remain important for experienced triathletes. Basic swim stroke The first swim style youContinue reading “How should I prepare for my first triathlon swim in the open water?”

Malaysia Triathlon COVID19 Guildelines and Standard Operating Procedures for Event Organisers

In the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and deriving Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for various sectors in the country, the National Security Council (NSC) has categorized Triathlon as an individual sport (non-contact) in the sector of sports and recreation. In line with this and with the Ministry of Sports gradual opening of sports and sportingContinue reading “Malaysia Triathlon COVID19 Guildelines and Standard Operating Procedures for Event Organisers”

Malaysia Triathlon Competition Rules (MTCR)

MTCR is a web-based document that acts as the official (authorised) reference document and is maintained based on authorised amendments in accordance with recommendations by the Rules Committee and accepted by the Malaysia Triathlon Executive Members. To download the rule book, kindly click here.

Malaysia Triathlon Association Triathlon Coaches Course 2019

Day 1 24 coaches from all around Malaysia converged at the EduCity Sports Complex Johor. They were welcomed by the Malaysia Triathlon Association Coach Ungku Azhar and Singapore MTA Course Facilitator Eugene Lee. Participants immediately went down to business, beginning their 3 day intensive coaching certification program with basic coaching philosophies. From understanding the coachingContinue reading “Malaysia Triathlon Association Triathlon Coaches Course 2019”

Malaysia Triathlon Event Organisers’ Manual (MTEOM)

This Event Organisers’ Manual is created for the purpose of assisting Event Organisers as reference to comply with the requirements of Persatuan Triathlon Malaysia (Baru) or Malaysia Triathlon, the National Federation and governing body for the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon or other related multisports, for sanctioning of such events in Malaysia. Accordingly, with thisContinue reading “Malaysia Triathlon Event Organisers’ Manual (MTEOM)”